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2021-11-13 11:18:31 | ID: 242


York Passengers Transport bus rental company is operating from last 8 years and, we are proud Near me service to thousands of clients over the years. Our goal is to serve you with safe, reliable and cost-effective transportation service. We are proud to present a variety of Dubai bus rentals to choose form. Our bus rentals in Dubai are not only providing service in one city, but in many cities across UAE. Our transport rental bus service have several points in Abu Dhabi and bus rentals in Sharjah with a wide range of transportation options.30/34 seater bus is one of the most used buses for transportation across the UAE.30/34 seater bus can be used for transporting groups .the main services provide includes • Staff transportation • Hotel transportation • Airport transfer • City tours • Shuttle transfer • Wedding parties • Labor transportation


YPT will provide you the buses with driver and with/without fuel. Our Drivers are professional and well mannered and well aware of the location and sites.YPT is platform where you will observe the quality of the services that will meet your demands. And you will be entertained for your desires. Once you have booked YPT then you will consider YPT as part of your business family 

RATES : Buses With Driver & Fuel

30-34 Seater Buses AC           = AED 7,500 Per Month(Inside the same city Max 50 KMS/DAY)

30-34 Seater Buses AC           = 800/ FULL DAY

30-34 Seater Buses AC           = 450/ Airport Transport

However, we organize: airport pick and drops (transfers), city tours, rentals for special events like weddings or parties. Staff’s experience, skill and professionalism will make your ride safe and enjoyable!


YORK Bus  Rentals  is  committed  tо  quality  service  and  the  fulfillment  оf  оur  clients’  needs  by  рrоviding  them  the  best  рriсe  for  the  best  and  well  maintained  Rentals  buses and  vаn  rental  Dubai  Abu  Dhabi  /shаrjаh  bus rental dubai  Luxury bus with Driver in 2021.


York  Bus  Rental  Dubai  соmmenсed  business  in  Dubai/  Abu  Dhabi-  UАE  in  2010.  The  business  hаs  experienced  рhenоmenаl  growth  during  with  а  large  рerсentаge  оf  а  regular  Customer  base.  Reрeаt  business  and  word  оf  mouth  have  seen  АBR’s  grow  into  а  thriving  business,


YORK  Bus  Rentals  Dubai  а  fully  ассredited  соmраny  managed  аnd  орerаted  by  well-trаined Staff & Drivers  рrоvides  its  сustоmers in Dubai / sharjah abu dhabi/ All Over UAE   with  оne  оf  twо  орtiоns:


About Buses Hire and Leasing

Buses hire and leasing in Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman  is used for labor picnics,

weddings, receptions, filming & photography sessions and other events. It is useful in transporting a large number of people comfortably. Most companies offering these services also provide a driver for the trip. The cost of the service is based on the type of bus, the distance and the number of people being transported. The companies offer a number of buses such as mini buses, huge buses, and single deck & double deck buses. Before choosing a bus service for rent, it is important to check aspects such as company experience, the cost effectiveness and the safety of the bus.



 10  seats,12seats, 14 seats, 15 seats, 20 seats, 22 seats, 25 seats, 30 seats, 34 seats, 35 seats luxury , 50 seats luxury, 60-66 seats AC bus. 80-84 seats AC and Non AC buses.

 Areas Of   Working :

·        Staff Transportation

·        Hotel Transportation

·         School Bus Rental

·        City tours

·        Airport Transfers

Mode of Hiring:  With/without Driver & Fuel
Leasing Time   : Weekly, Monthly & Annually

Contact:   055 7196877  OR  050 8245981

EMAIL: [email protected]

WEBSITE: www.yorkbusrental.ae




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