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by York Transport Team | 2021-05-26 03:45:16 | ID: 190

If you are looking for your labor transportation in Dubai then look no further. We have both AC buses and Non AC buses to serve most of the construction, contracting and industrial sector for Labour Transportation in Dubai.We can provide labour transport services that best match your requirements. We source staff from our large pool of candidates and select appropriate candidates with the qualifications and experience required.We also provide staff for a variety of other industries. Our fleet of 14 to 57 seater minibuses and coaches are available for airport transfer.Looking for the most affordable and reliable airport transfer Dubai? York Transport provide a full range of coach hire with driver services. No job is too small or too large as our modern range of luxury coach vehicles are capable of undertaking short journeys, as well as interstate transfers.All of our airport transfer services are provided with a highly skilled driver, trained to the highest level. Our driver will provide a contact between us and you throughout the duration of the journey will be happy to assist you in any way possible, helping to ensure that you and your party make your connection safely and on time.Bus Rentals Services in Dubai and the Northern Emirates especially Sharjah and Ajman make the most of the transportation activities in the Emirates. If you are planning to visit Dubai or you are in any state of Dubai

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Luxury Van Rental Dubai with tour guide and driver. Enjoy a luxury drive on the roads of Dubai with a luxury van rental service program. Dubai Luxury Van rental. Mercedes Luxury Van Rental. Mercedes Sprinter Luxury van rental. Mercedes Van for rent in Dubai.#LuxuryVanRental, #LuxuryVan. Hire a very VIP Luxury van in Dubai . #BMW, #AUDI,


Is your corporation planning an event and you’re requiring high quality group transportation for attendees or VIP's? Well York Passengers Transport By Rented Buses, can provide corporate level service in all major cities.

As a corporate client, you will receive unbeatable and unparalleled Charter Bus, Minibus,Asok and Rosa bus rental services, as well as professional and skilled representatives, experienced drivers. When making your reservation, you’ll have the comfort to know you’ll have a dispatcher who is available to you throughout your entire charter rental process. We also provide services for you charter and in addition, the preferred corporate business plan entitles you to extraordinary discounts: hourly rates, credit card convenience, cellular phone access, refreshments and condiments, short notice bookings, and most importantly punctual service for any other needs you may have.

Our corporate Accounts are highly valued and regarded as first tear accounts. We understand that high end clients depend on reliable, on time transportation, and professional drivers. Entrust your transportation needs in York Passengers Transport By Rented Buses and we will deliver just that.Our on-call dispatchers are available to you at all times to insure quality, on time, and reliable Transportation Service! York Passengers Transport By Rented Buses strives to offer our clients the very best corporate rental service. Our corporate rentals are as efficient and cost-effective way for corporate executives and high-profile clients to travel.

Whether you need superior transportation for airport transfers ,Hotel transportation ,labour or stuff transportation, business meetings, or any conventions, count on York Passengers Transport By Rented Buses and we’ll take you there with unmatchable service, comfort and style.

We are looking forward to assisting you on the first-class service with our luxury vehicles.

Our professional drivers enjoy providing the level of service that our VIPs demand and deserve. Whatever your needs may be, we will meet it while exceeding your every expectation. Whether it's a preferred beverage after a long flight, a favorite magazine, or up to the minute stock information. If your work doesn't stop, even after you've left, we can provide a personal secretary to ride with you to fullfill your last-minute business needs. No request will be denied.

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York Passengers Transport By Rented Buses continues to upgrade and update its fleet of modernize motor coaches. Our motor coach fleet is one of the finest and most modern available. We continue to be the safest and best-prepared professionals in the charter bus industry. Our professionals are here to help and assist whenever and wherever possible.York Passengers Transport By Rented Buses manages and operate a fleet of modernize, well maintained fleet of luxury vehicles to meet a variety of transportation needs. As proud as we are of our choice of quality coaches, we're even more proud of the drivers who operate them. You'll find that our drivers are some of the best in the industry, ensuring you'll arrive at your destination relaxed and ready to go.

To make your trip as comfortable as possible, all of our charter buses feature the following standard amenities:

  • Coach-quality reclining seats
  • Full climate control
  • Large Screen tv monitors
  • Overhead storage
  • On-board restroom
  • P.A. system
  • AM/FM Stereo with CD
  • DVD / VHS video systems
  • Clean and well-maintained
  • Always alcohol and smoke-free
  • WIFI

For the ultimate in comfort and style for groups sizes up to 56 passengers, we proudly offer Charter Bus. Designed to let the miles melt away, these models offer an exceptionally comfortable ride, bringing a new level of refinement and relaxation..Our 24-38 passenger mini buses set the standard for arriving in comfort and value. Featuring amenities including individual lighting and air conditioning, multiple movie-viewing monitors, enlarged parcel racks, individual footrests and cup-holders. For the ultimate in comfort and style for groups of up to 56 passengers, we proudly offer Charter Bus Coaches. Designed to let the miles melt away, these models offer an exceptionally comfortable ride, bringing a new level of refinement and relaxation.

On the surface, modern travel is all about speed and convenience. Commercial flights can get you from point A to point B in a fraction of the time it takes to drive. Air travel rewards our culture of instant gratification and impatience. But in this hyper connected, fast-paced world, we can miss out on a lot while we rush from destination to destination. The York buses travel is the only way to truly enjoy big trips:

“It’s cheaper. You can bring liquids. There’s no security. You just get on, and get off,” she writes. But these simple benefits are just the tip of the journey.

14 seater minibus hire with driver
14 Seater minibus hire with driver in Dubai for your full day tour Dubai. Dubai City tour with high class luxury van Mercedes Benz Sprinter. Mercedes Sprinter 14 seater with driver and fuel. 14 Seater minibus rent with driver. #14SeaterBus, #14SeaterHiace, #14SeaterVan, #14SeaterVanRental, #14SeaterVanRentalDubai, #14SeaterVanRentalwithDriver, #Rent14SeaterVanDubai, 14 seater minibus hire with driver

14 Seater minibus hire with driver in Dubai for your full day tour Dubai. Dubai City tour with high class luxury van Mercedes Benz Sprinter. Mercedes Sprinter 14 seater with driver and fuel. 14 Seater minibus rent with driver. #14SeaterBus, #14SeaterHiace, #14SeaterVan, #14SeaterVanRental, #14SeaterVanRentalDubai, #14SeaterVanRentalwithDriver, #Rent14SeaterVanDubai


Cheaper cost

It’s true—the cost of a single bus ticket is much cheaper than a plane ticket. But the real benefit comes from group travel. The more people you book for a flight, the more your price climbs. With a charter bus rental, you’re paying a fee for the bus, whether there’s 50 people onboard or 10. Thus, the more people you add to the group, the less each individual pays.

More storage space

One of the biggest headaches of air travel is finding space for your carry-on. If you aren’t one of the first people to board, you have to shove your bag under your seat or store it several rows behind your assigned seat. Charter buses provide a massive amount of storage both in the undercarriage and onboard.


Unless you’re flying first or business class, you’ll be squished between other passengers and have little room for your legs. You spend your entire flight cramped and uncomfortable. Bus travel offers you extra leg room and comfortable, reclining seats.

Same time

When we compare travel times for bus and plane routes, bus travel has the longest time. But when you factor in air travel’s check-in process, security checkpoints, boarding, and luggage retrieval at your destination, you aren’t really saving time. Why not spend that time in comfort?

When you book your next trip, consider a charter bus as the superior alternative to expensive, inconvenient air travel. Get a quotation from York Passengers Transport By Rented Buses today

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