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Rent A Bus Wth Driver in Sharjah Dubai And RAK

2021-12-06 10:34:26 | ID: 248


York Transport is rent a bus company in Dubai & Sharjah. We are the ideal place for quality bus rental to choose from a variety of services and a big fleet of vehicles and a big team of dedicated professionals. If you are looking for luxury bus rental services in Dubai then we are the best choice. We are here to meet all your transportation needs and make all your dreams and expectations of travelling in high-class vehicles at affordable rates, come true. Our bus rental program has big variety and it has well disciplined staff behind it to make it one of the most organised bus rental service in the town. We provide bus rental and transportation services for schools, colleges, universities, institutes, hotels, construction and contracting companies. Apart from this, we are providing services to hospitals, restaurants, event companies and wedding parties all over the UAE. Our bus rentals Dubai package includes Dubai city tours, Dubai Sight Seeing Tours, Al Ain Tour, Abu Dhabi Tour, Dubai Shopping Tour and staff transportation . We are pioneers in School bus rental, Staff Transportation and Long Lease bus rentals in the town.


Dubai bus rental services are keen to provide you with quality bus rental solutions with discounted rates. Our bus rental services are available 24 by 7 in all the terminals of Dubai airports. Our services for bus rental are very reliable and YorkPassengers Buses Transport will strive to deliver the services beyond your expectations.

By staff transportation we really mean transportation of executive officers and officials. Transportation from their accommodations to the working place, site, office or project etc. Though, we work with more than 200 clients yet our services are never effected. All of our clients are important to us that are why we have a strong commitment to serve them better.

We are providing transportation services with new and excellent condition buses and experienced and educated drivers.  We work with hotels, hospitals, universities, institutes, restaurants and construction companies. York Passengers Buses Transport is providing staff transportation services to some of the prominent companies like Home Centre,  Emirates NBD , KFC and lots more.


Places to Visit in Sharjah


As discussed Sharjah is said to be one of the oldest and probably the most historical place in the UAE. Tourists from different parts of the world have special interest to see the historical and the modern architectures of Sharjah. Heart of Sharjah, Sharjah museum,  Cultural Square, Book Square & Sharjah Aquarium are the places worth-seeing. Apart from this, Maliha & Khorfakkan are unfolding scenes that we cannot ignore. If you are a part of our Bus For Rent program , we would be able to show you all these beauties in a single go.Sharjah is located at the bank of Arabian Sea or the Persian Gulf. It is the third largest city in the UAE. It is next to Dubai and effectively its suburb, with daily traffic streaming to and from creating long traffic jams at rush hours. You can find a bus anywhere in Sharjah or a taxi service to move you around and explore the beauty of Sharjah. Bus for rent facilities will support you towards the end of your stay. Sharjah is considered to be the most historical city in the UAE. It was one of the wealthiest towns in the UAE. Sharjah is an exciting, lively city with interesting artifacts in every corner. This cultural square is famous for its combination of restored houses in traditional style.The city of Sharjah, which overlooks the Persian Gulf, has a population of 519,000 (2003 census estimate). Sharjah contains many commercial centers and several museums. The Emirate of Sharjah is popular for its rich and cultural, so it is also known to be the Cultural Capital of the UAE.

The beauty of the emirates is lies in the northern side of UAE. Sharjah is an exciting, lively city with interesting artifacts in every corner. This cultural square is famous for its combination of restored houses in traditional style.


Heritage Area:


A good overview of Sharjah’s heritage is available here including a few restorations of old houses. Most of the sites in the Sharjah have opening times. Sharjah Heritage area is located in the Heart of Sharjah. You can avail our bus for rent facilities in Rolla to visit these areas.


Sports Activities in Sharjah


Sharjah is called the historical asset of the UAE. The international Cricket Stadium Sharjah is also home to several international sports events and organization. Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium has hosted almost 200 One Day Internationals. The use of the venue has declined as the new 20,000 seat Sheikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi has become the preferred venue for cricket in the UAE. In the year 2004 ICC Intercontinental Cup was held here. Sharjah is now the host Pakistan Super League and home ground for Pakistan & Afghan cricket teams. Our bus company is Sharjah is keen to be your premium partner in all your sports activities in Sharjah. Bus for rent with driver will be at your doorsteps in case you need our services.




 10  seats,12seats, 14 seats, 15 seats, 20 seats, 22 seats, 25 seats, 30 seats, 34 seats, 35 seats luxury , 50 seats luxury, 60-66 seats AC bus. 80-84 seats AC and Non AC buses.


 Areas Of   Working :

·        Staff Transportation

·        Hotel Transportation

·         School Bus Rental

·        City tours

·        Airport Transfers

Mode of Hiring:  With/without Driver & Fuel
Leasing Time   : Weekly, Monthly & Annually

Contact:   055 7196877  OR  050 8245981

EMAIL: [email protected]


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